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The Tale of Trekker


Trekker Trading Company is the product of an idea our founder, Tanner Diomede, had when he graduated college. He approached Brooks Barlow, Co-Founder to kick it into gear. The idea was simple, build a company that encompasses their hobbies and passions with the intent of cultivating opportunities for their friends and family and then ultimately having a positive impact on the community they love and the foundation upon which it stands – the outdoors. All this is easier said than done, luckily their friends were eager to hop on the Trekker train. Nick Longo, a cousin of Tanner and owner of Longo Designs, eagerly jumped on board to help brainstorm ideas. With Nick's professional branding expertise and logo design Tanner & Brooks immediately got things rolling. As the foundation was set, and the brand started to form, others were roped in. Whether it be for business knowledge, industry knowledge, companionship, or simply good looks, They now had a solid team of close friends to work with. From here the brand image for Trekker was built. First item on the list, a slogan, a call to action. The team came up with endless ideas, but finally settled on what they felt embodied the brand and it's goals the most. Pursue The Unknown.

Pursue The Unknown

Pursue the Unknown. What does this mean? Well, it can mean a lot of things really. The unknown could be something no one has ever experienced, or at least very few have. This could be like climbing Everest or backpacking the Appalachian Trail. The unknown could also be only unknown to you. Sure, you’ve seen pictures of these places, but it is still unknown to you. Pictures cannot truly capture the beauty and the feeling you get when you finally see these landmarks with your own eyes. The unknown could simply be a skill you want to learn. It can be anything and everything. Now, what about Pursue? Well pursue literally means to follow something in
order to attack it; and that’s what you need to do. The Unknown is not something that goes away. It’s not something you can complete. There is always more. So, you need to pursue it, every day, attack it. If you fail, get up, and stay in pursuit. Go explore those trails, go learn how to ski or snowboard, go train to summit the tallest mountains, get out there and just Pursue the Unknown.